There are plenty of freelance editors and writers out there who could help you make your work better. A sharp eye for grammar, structure, and creative development is an essential editorial foundation. But you may be looking for more than that—someone to provide narrative expertise for your manuscript; to advise you on making your work stand out for awards, fellowships, magazines, agents, publishing houses, the greater reading public; to help your work reach its fullest potential. In other words, you may be looking for an editorial guide who has big-five publishing experience and is, himself, a writer like you. On top of expertise that comes with two graduate degrees in language arts, I also bring five years of experience working for two of the world’s largest publishing houses.

As a fiction writer, I understand that we all use language as an artistic tool to create a significant experience for our readers that is as unique as our own thumbprint. Although writing is a solitary act, editorial requires partnership. Let me join you in your creative process as you mold your one-and-only voice and style into a phenomenon for the world to enjoy.


“My thanks go to Ryan Smernoff . . . Since God is in the details, his guiding of me to publication was godly.”

Art Garfunkel