Ryan Smernoff is a freelance editor and writer based in Los Angeles, California. He holds degrees in philosophy and English literature and has a MFA in fiction writing from Columbia University’s School of the Arts.

Formerly an Assistant Editor at Henry Holt and Company, Ryan has worked with authors like Elizabeth Kolbert, Sheila Heti, Russell Brand, Jaron Lanier, and Roger Daltrey. Before joining Henry Holt, he worked in editorial at Alfred A. Knopf with authors including Lorrie Moore, William H. Gass, Art Garfunkel, Anne Rice, Toni Morrison, and Ben Marcus.

Ryan is interested in fiction—literary, surrealist, genre-bending—and nonfiction with a strong narrative backbone, particularly on subjects about social/cultural issues, civil rights and social justice, new approaches to science, and fresh perspectives and interpretations of the arts and artists.