Partnering With Writers To Bring Their Words To Life



There are plenty of freelance editors and writers out there who could help you make your work better. A sharp eye for grammar, structure, and creative development is an essential editorial foundation. But you may be looking for more than that—someone to provide narrative expertise for your manuscript; to advise you on making your work stand out for awards, fellowships, magazines, agents, publishing houses, the greater reading public; to help your work reach its fullest potential. In other words, you may be looking for an editorial guide who has big-five publishing experience and is, himself, a writer like you. On top of expertise that comes with two graduate degrees in language arts, I also bring five years of experience working for two of the world’s largest publishing houses.

As a fiction writer, I understand that we all use language as an artistic tool to create a significant experience for our readers that is as unique as our own thumbprint. Although writing is a solitary act, editorial requires partnership. Let me join you in your creative process as you mold your one-and-only voice and style into a phenomenon for the world to enjoy.


“My thanks go to Ryan Smernoff . . . Since God is in the details, his guiding of me to publication was godly.”

Art Garfunkel


Ryan Smernoff is a freelance editor and writer based in Los Angeles, California. He holds degrees in philosophy and English literature and has a MFA in fiction writing from Columbia University’s School of the Arts.

Formerly an Assistant Editor at Henry Holt and Company, Ryan has worked with authors like Elizabeth Kolbert, Sheila Heti, Russell Brand, Jaron Lanier, and Roger Daltrey. Before joining Henry Holt, he worked in editorial at Alfred A. Knopf with authors including Lorrie Moore, William H. Gass, Art Garfunkel, Anne Rice, Toni Morrison, and Ben Marcus.

Ryan is interested in fiction—literary, surrealist, genre-bending—and nonfiction with a strong narrative backbone, particularly on subjects about social/cultural issues, civil rights and social justice, new approaches to science, and fresh perspectives and interpretations of the arts and artists.


Fiction & Nonfiction Editorial:  

  • Manuscript evaluation
  • Narrative & structural development
  • Line editing
  • Copyediting
  • Review of book proposals, synopses, queries, & agent pitches

Academic Editorial: 

  • College essays
  • Journal articles
  • Theses
  • Dissertations
  • Academic books

Transcription Services:

  • Converting audio, video, or written documents into electronic text documents


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